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LODGE St. JOHN Bucksburn No. 795
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The last minute recorded at Auchmill is dated 3rd June, 1896 and the following meeting was of Bucksburn 795 on 9th September, 1896 still at the Albert Hall. At this meeting it was decided to ask the Grand Lodge to allow the name of St John Auchmill to be changed to St John Bucksburn, although there is no record of why this was done or of any previous discussion. It appears from records that this title was in regular use.

At the Annual General Meeting of 27th December, 1898, it was agreed to again search for a meeting place. The AGM of 27th December, 1900 appointed a committee and they identified seven sites for consideration and produced detailed plans of the building and internal accommodation, estimated cost £550.
The first sod was cut on 7th December, 1901 by Brother Arthur Farquhar RWPM. The brethren met at the Albert Hall and marched in procession to the ground near Gilbert Terrace, as was reported in the newspaper of 9th December, 1901.
PM Farquhar was the first RWM of Lodge 795 and there were 296 members.

Consecration arrangements were made for 9th August that year and it was agreed that the Provincial Grand Lodge should hold their annual meeting immediately after the consecration ceremony.
The minutes of the event read:

“Within the Masonic Hall, Bucksburn, on Saturday 9th August 1902, the Provincial Lodge of Aberdeenshire West entered and the Lodge was opened in due form by Brother Colonel Lumsden, RWPGM, supported by Chaplain Brother Rev. I. Wiseman, and other officers.
The consecration of the Lodge Room was carried out by Col. Lumsden and officers as laid down in the constitution and laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.
At the end the RWPGM complimented the Lodge on having attained such a building and wished them every success in their undertaking.”

The first St John Lodge meeting in their hall was held on 13th August 1902 which was described as being “very graceful”.
The balance sheet for the year ending December 1902 showed the works and furniture paid, totalling £581.7s.10d. At this time the Lodge had 157 brethren paying annual dues of 2s 6d (12 ½ p).

In October 1905, a formal proposal was accepted and a committee appointed to look into forming a club. This committee’s report was approved and the Club formed on 23rd November 1905.

The rules were approved as follows:

  1. The Club shall be called ‘St John’s Masonic Club’.
  2. The purpose of the Club shall be to provide facilities for card games, draughts, dominoes etc.
  3. The membership shall be open to brethren of the Masonic Order.
  4. The annual fee of 2s 6d be charged for membership, those working night shift to be one sixth of this.
  5. The session be from the beginning of October to the end of March.
  6. The club room to be open two nights each week from 7pm to 10pm, no club meetings to be held when there is a meeting of the Lodge.
  7. The club be allowed to invite a team of players, not belonging to the club, to play matches.
  8. No refreshments to be allowed on the premises.

Other rules dealt with the list of members’ names being submitted to the Lodge; alterations to rules; the need for an AGM; and the appointment of officebearers.


The consecration and the erection of Lodge St John Auchmill No 795 took place in the Albert Hall on 23rd September, 1893. The original meeting on 20th April, 1893 had involved 14 brothers from Lodges 1 ter, 93, 100, 110, 160, 319, and 375.
The first step to acquiring their own premises was taken in March 1895 with the appointment of a committee who presented a report detailing style, costs and the sums of money which brethren would contribute. However, the estimated cost of £650 was not met by the money pledged and the idea was shelved meantime.